How to style the exterior of your home for the best sales result

For exterior paint the latest popular colours seem to be white, lattes, light to medium grey and charcoal. If you can’t afford to re-paint and your colour isn’t horrific then a good wash with a gurney may just do the trick.
Take note of outdoor furniture. In Australia we spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor spaces so make sure yours is stylish – it’s like adding another room or space to your home. Have quality furniture and décor; try to avoid the green plastic table and chairs look. Stylish outdoor furniture is in abundance these days and not hard to find. Target, Kmart and Big W even have it and it’s at great prices!
Gardens, again simple and stylish is best. Low maintenance sells, so mulch with decorative gravel/stones etc to give that tidy, easy care appearance. Using these along with pavers for paths in regular walking areas works well and looks good. Consider replacing turf in any areas that require it as muddy bare dirt areas are unattractive.
Simple structural plants such as agave, succulents and decorative grasses (which come in all different colours) are all great and add another dimension. Try to stick with a certain colour palette instead of having a myriad of colours.
Hedging is simple, structural and timeless. Ones I have had success with are: Japanese box, Lilli Pilli and Photinia. A statue such as a large urn, bird bath or fountain can make a nice centre piece for your garden and just finish it off beautifully.
If you have a fenced yard make sure your fence is in good repair, is clean and or freshly painted. The same goes for gates and mailboxes. First impressions are not a myth!
Tidy up the shed. Pick items up off the floor and house them away in storage cupboards. Remove anything you don’t need or want. Have an organised work bench.
If the Hills Hoist looks appalling invest in a new one. They truly are quite reasonable to buy.
If you have a swimming pool ensure it is compliant with the new safety regulations. Have it crystal clear and clean, have lovely furniture surrounding it if possible and remove or put away any pool toys and equipment.
If you are not sure about styling your home for market then engage a professional stylist. They can be worth their weight in gold and quite often return so much more money than what you initially invested for their services.



The R & R Property Team are more than happy to assist with advice on styling your home and will give you honest and useful feedback, tips and hints. R and R Property have been involved in the filming of an episode of the TV hit series – Selling Houses Australia. We know what it takes and we know how well it works. Call us today for your FREE Appraisal and style Tips.

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