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Denise Haynes is the woman at the heart of the thriving & energetic all women Real Estate Agency – R & R Property.

“In writing this book I’m endeavoring to help you in your own Real Estate journey. I hope that you can learn and profit from my own personal and career experiences, making Real Estate transactions just a little bit easier for you.

Now, let me share with you some of the knowledge that I have gained over the years through this journey of training, experience and hitting the ground running.

Denise Haynes

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Flannel Flower Story

A much loved Australian wild flower, that is an icon for the Myall Lakes region. The Flannel Flower grows in natural fields of bushland and is easily identified for the brilliant  white textured petals, and the soft green and grey foliage.

Emerging in Spring the Flannel flower is absolutely stunning in full bloom with large fields of white covering the landscape. There is nothing more unforgettable than walking through the field of flowers.

The Flannel Flower represents close relationships, intimacy and healing. The Flannel flower is also the symbol used for Aboriginal mental health foundation as this represents resilience, beauty and the ability to adapt.

Painted with love, this is a stunning painting that is even more brilliant to see close up, just like the flower.