R & R Property

The Sales Team at R & R Property – Denise Haynes and Brooke Lloyd had an inspiring experience at the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW) conference “Women in Real Estate” this week.

Up, out and about in the early hours of the morning heading to Dalton House in Sydney for the conference was certainly an adventure.

It certainly makes you appreciate where we live given that a normally 2 hour trip took 4 hours due to bad traffic jams, but it was worth it.

The speakers on the day were so inspiring and everyone attending the conference were really friendly.

We heard Mia Freedman speak initially before breaking for morning tea, then a lounge catchup with ladies in the business and their individual experiences.

Jane Anderson was an amazing speaker on owning your brand. We also heard Tracey Fellows who is CEO of the REA Group, about being your authentic self and leadership styles.

Then we had the amazing Kerri Anne Kennerley who was lots of fun and had some funny stories to tell. But of course what an amazing and inspiring career she has had.

We came away knowing that we are well ahead in what we do but also that we could perfect some areas of the business of course.

To be always learning is such a great thing!

Denise Haynes

Sales Agent and MD

R & R Property, Stroud NSW

Flannel Flower Story

A much loved Australian wild flower, that is an icon for the Myall Lakes region. The Flannel Flower grows in natural fields of bushland and is easily identified for the brilliant  white textured petals, and the soft green and grey foliage.

Emerging in Spring the Flannel flower is absolutely stunning in full bloom with large fields of white covering the landscape. There is nothing more unforgettable than walking through the field of flowers.

The Flannel Flower represents close relationships, intimacy and healing. The Flannel flower is also the symbol used for Aboriginal mental health foundation as this represents resilience, beauty and the ability to adapt.

Painted with love, this is a stunning painting that is even more brilliant to see close up, just like the flower.