4298_020416065308_282Stroud Country Show 2016

Stroud’s Real Estate Agency R & R Property were as usual supporting their local community today by being in attendance at the Stroud Annual Show.

Lots of fun was had by all at our community show. We got to chat with many of our customers and friends, something we don’t always have enough time to do; being the biggest real estate agency in our area and the market leaders keeps us pretty busy. Again thel R and R Property team provided free face painting for the kiddies; something they love doing knowing that the little ones get so much enjoyment out of it.

Our marquee was up, which is not only a landmark and lets everyone know where we are but provides much needed shelter. It was a hot one this year!

As the leaders in the Stroud market place the R & R Property team are always keen to spend valuable time with their customers and the Stroud Country Show provides that opportunity. Some of the team are busy competing in the horse riding events. Some of us volunteer collecting admission at the front gate and we all give out the R & R red balloons, goodie bags and listing brochures.

So another year and another successful Stroud Show. Next is our annual International Brick Throwing Competition and Street Parade, then the Stroud Rodeo and then the October Fair. All of which the R & R Property team will be proud to be a part of.

See you there

Denise x


Denise Haynes

Licensed Rural and Residential Real Estate Agent

R & R Rural and Residential Property

Stroud NSW