The Best Ways to add Value to Your Property

I’m often asked by homeowners for suggestions on adding value to their property – hopefully without spending an inordinate amount of money!

 A property’s value should be looked at from a holistic viewpoint. Not only is it about land size, the condition, construction and style of the home and infrastructure, it’s also about perception – and as we know, perception is reality. The past few months have given many of us the ‘opportunity’ to work on our gardens, undertake those pesky household jobs that seem to have gotten away from us as we’ve gone about our busy lives, and even undertake fairly substantial renovations. And if the workloads heaped on our much-loved tradespeople over the past few months is anything to go by, we’ve certainly embraced lockdown with gusto.

But adding value doesn’t have to mean having to undertake costly major projects. There are many things you can do that don’t take a great deal of time or money. So here are some tips for adding value to what is probably your most valuable asset……

Keeping your home and garden clean, neat and tidy will add more value than you imagine. Not only will you prolong the life of your paintwork but keeping rubbish away from your exterior such as weatherboards or even brickwork will keep those surfaces clean, clear and allow you to see if damp, rodents or any other issues are getting a foothold. Keeping your garden neat and tidy also creates a perception of a property well loved and cared for and this is of enormous emotional value not only to you but prospective buyers, should you wish to sell. If you don’t have an ‘outdoor room’ where you can enjoy alfresco dining and entertainment, create one even if it’s a simple outdoor setting on a flat, safe (ideally paved, timbered or concreted) patch of ground. DIY paving isn’t difficult and there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you on your way. Add a large café umbrella for sun or wind protection.

Never under-estimate the power of decluttering! Creating clean lines gives the impression of more space and a calmer energy. This is beneficial for you while you live there and even better when it comes time to sell as there’s much less preparation work to undertake in a short time frame. Have a good look at your internal cabinetry – kitchen, bathroom, laundry. Ensure cabinetry is clean inside and out. If doors and drawers are worn, chipped or dirty, set about cleaning and repairing any damage. Not only does this offer you a more functional product but tackling those issues now will mitigate further damage and more costly repairs down the track. Cleaning window furnishings such as venetian blinds will do wonders for your interior. And of course, a fresh, neutral coat of paint over worn or outdated paintwork is an instant win.

You may however be keen to tackle a more substantial works project like updating your kitchen or bathroom. These two rooms ‘sell’ homes so updating benchtops, cupboard doors or even embarking on a total overall will transform your home and add definite value – although be careful to keep your new kitchen sympathetic to the remainder of your home – and that you don’t overcapitalize. The same goes for your bathroom. And if your home boasts a more traditional floorplan; separate dining and living rooms, removing non-load-bearing walls to create an open-plan interior that is lighter and brighter as well as inviting a more relaxed family living environment. In our desire for greater environmental accountability, replacing older, less efficient windows with double or triple-glaze is a prudent decision. Not only do they reduce noise but will significantly contribute to reduced heating/cooling costs. Correspondingly, adding solar panels for power/hot water is also an excellent value-add measure. Think and act wisely and you will add tangible value. Call or visit one of R&R’s offices at Stroud, Gloucester, Forster, Bulahdelah and Raymond Terrace. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can advise you!