The Benefits of Listing with an Independent Real Estate Agent like R & R Property over a Franchise

It’s an age-old question in real estate: Is it best to list with an independent agent or a franchise?

Well, we firmly believe that the former option, the independent agent, is the best bet. Here’s why.


A Single Point of Contact

Working with an independent real estate agent means you have just a single point of contact with your agent and representative. You can build trust and understanding via this point of contact and with this agent. You can genuinely feel that this agent is working on your side.

With other options, it might not be so easy to achieve this, as you might find yourself talking to different agents via different channels and losing that personal connection.



When you choose an independent agent, you can hold them accountable — and they know this. This means there is nowhere to hide any mistakes and no way to pass the buck, which adds an extra guarantee of quality to their work.

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking your agent why they took a specific action or decided on a certain course. Your agent will be happy to explain and demonstrate why they believe that the strategy they have chosen is the most suitable for your situation.


The Best of Both Worlds

While you may only be working with one real estate agent, this does not mean that the independent real estate agent is entirely unconnected to the rest of their field. Independent agents commonly share information with one another, discussing best practices and helping them to stay sharp and ready to achieve great results.

This means you benefit from the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have an agent who is working with you directly, building up a relationship and answering any question you might have. On the other, you are working with someone who is fully connected to the industry and equipped with the latest knowledge and understanding to help you.


A Better Knowledge of Your Situation

Trust and understanding work both ways. You have the opportunity to really get to know your agent, but they also have the opportunity to get to know you and everything you need.

As they are working closely with you, they adopt a more personal connection to you and your situation. This makes an independent agent more likely to work harder for you, and also better positioned to get you the results you want.


Easier to Identify a Strong Track Record

All agents advertise their track records and the kinds of sales figures and results they have been able to achieve. The trouble is, when you are working with a franchise or another group, it can become difficult to deduce the fact from the not-quite-fact. For example, agents working in franchises or partnerships may include sales that they worked only partly on in their totals, or they may even add whole-agency statistics to their resume.

There is nothing wrong with this practice, but it does make it difficult for you to know how well your chosen agent has performed in the past and what they can do for you. With an independent agent, there is no such confusion, as you know that all of their sales figures are what they have achieved personally and independently. A strong track record becomes much easier to verify.

Given all the benefits mentioned above, we believe that you should list with an independent agent whenever possible. While a franchise can still help you achieve your goals, the independent option gives you a much better chance of getting the price you and your property deserve.


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