4298_211016050524_544People who live in the country will tell you countless things they love about country life. Those who were born and raised in the country often never want to leave, and those who make a tree change say they wish they’d done it sooner. Regardless of whether you’re already a convert or looking to make the change, here are 7 benefits of living the country life …


The most obvious benefit is the price of both land and lifestyle in the country compared to the city. The cost of a postage-stamp-sized parcel of land in Sydney may possibly buy you a lovely property in the country.

Improved Health

The health benefits of country living are endless. You can grow your own fruit and veg (why not go organic), or buy direct from local farmers. The fresh country air is lovely and of course the general slower pace will melt that stress away. Country areas generally have a great community hub which will add to the general wellbeing of both yourself and your children.

More Family Time

Many people in suburban or city areas spend a lot of time enduring the daily grind of grid- lock traffic. If you choose to work as well as live in the country your travel time can be reduced – quality time which you can instead spend with your family. If you choose to commute it may be through scenic countryside, ensuring a better frame of mind for when you do get home as you have time to relax and unwind as you travel along our beautiful country roads.

Less Stress

Stress is reportedly one of the 3 major killers of our time. We all need to unwind and enjoy life more. Country areas are re-knowned for travelling at a slower pace and therefore are less stressful in general. It has been researched and documented that getting back to nature calms the mind and the body.

Kids Benefits

Your children will benefit from a country life too. They will have happier parents for a start, but they also get the side benefits of motorbikes, ponies and just generally being able to play in nature. Children usually make lifelong friends in the country areas, and what do they say about it takes a village to raise a child?

No Traffic Jams Here

No gridlock, poisonous fumes, blasting horns or road rage. Instead picture beautiful country roads, lanes and river crossings.

Caring Schools

We have the most wonderful and caring schools in our small communities. The children receive one on one attention. Everybody knows who is who, for example I know my child could never be collected at the front gate by someone she doesn’t know because the teachers and other parents would know straight away that this wasn’t right. There is also a lot of school and community pride, fund raisers and community event participation.  Most importantly children won’t fall through the cracks in a small community school.


Denise Haynes and The R & R Property Team are Tree Change Specialists living and working within the beautiful Stroud Valley. Stroud is located around an approximate 2.5 hour drive from Sydney. R and R Property specialise in assisting their customers make the move to a happier and healthier life in the country. You can grab your FREE Tree change Guide at  www.randrproperty.com.au