Here are just a few tips on how to be a great tenant and get that rental property you are seeking.

  1. Inspecting a property – Turn up on time for the inspection. Show you are reliable. Dress as neat & tidy as you possibly can.
  2. Note any issues you may have or matters you would like addressed if your tenancy is accepted on the application form.
  3. Application – Complete your application in full and honestly. Give as much detail as possible and ensure you have all of your supporting documents.
  4. Be prepared – You will be required to pay a bond equivalent to four weeks rent plus two weeks rent when signing the lease if approved.
  5. Rent – Pay your rent in advance as agreed when you sign the lease. Late payments remain on your rent history and can affect your chances of securing a rental in the future. We all at times have unexpected cost and should you experience difficulty with your rent, talk to your property manager, they understand and will work with you in difficult times.
  6. Presentation of the property – Maintain the lawns and gardens regularly and keep the property clean. Routine inspections will be carried out and reports provided to the landlord on the condition of the property
  7. Smoke alarms – It is your responsibility to replace the batteries in the smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are installed for your safety if you suspect they are faulty report it to your agent immediately. Please don’t take the batteries out because they go off when you burn the toast. Again if you think it is faulty then report it to your landlord or agent.
  8. Light Globes – Yes these are the tenants responsibility to replace. On commencement of the tenancy all light globes should be working and it is your responsibility to ensure they are all working at the completion of your tenancy.
  9. Pets – If you have been approved for pets you will be required to have the carpets professionally cleaned and the property fumigated for fleas. Receipts will be required at the completion of your tenancy.
  10. Maintenance & repairs – Please let us know about maintenance issues or repairs required at the property. There is no need to wait to raise these during the routine inspections as its best to have these matters attend to as they arise.
  11. Respect your neighbours – Complaints from neighbours are recorded on your tenant history. Most common complaints are noise and animals.
  12. Ending the tenancy – When vacating ensure the property is in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the tenancy to ensure your bond is refunded in full.


***** Please note: This blog and the accompanying podcast is meant as a guide only and tenants should seek their own advice and information.