Filled with a chaotic festive period, work and school holidays plus hot weather, it used to be that Summer was a no-go period for listing properties. The past decade however has seen a gradual shift in view and now, paradoxically, the excitement of the festive season, more free family time and long sunny days are attracting more buyers to the market.  And with less competition in the market, Summer is now a go-to selling season!  But these benefits also deliver challenges for the vendor.

Property presentation is always key to affecting a good sale price and in as few listing days as possible.  Summer listings require a little more time as open windows to catch fresh air and cool breezes also brings an increase in dust, so keeping on top of dusting your interior is vital. 

When it’s hot outside, you want to make your interior as cool as possible and that’s possible without the heavy expense of running your air-conditioning all the time.  Colour tones play a huge role in perception of heat or cold.  In Winter we go for colours such as plum, dark red, gold etc.  Rich colours make us feel warm and comfortable. In Summer when the heat is on, we can present a cool interior with clever use of colour in our accessories and soft furnishings. Light colours such as mint, pale blue, blush pink, lemon and of course, white: the perennial freshener should be your colours of choice.  It’s a good idea to keep furniture and accessories to a minimum to create a sense of space and light which projects a much cooler vibe than lots of furniture and clutter. 

Don’t forget it’s not all about your home’s interior. Summer dust collects on weatherboards, window ledges and verandahs.  A simple sweep with a long-handled broom will keep them looking good.  And then there’s your garden.  Hot weather, dry winds and burning sun can play havoc with gardens. Strategic pruning at the end of Winter will allow for robust growth in Spring leading to lovely cooling shade in Summer.  Keep shrubs and flowering plants well-watered.  Flowering plants continue to ‘feed’ dead flowers, so ‘dead-heading’ promptly will allow your plants to use their resources more effectively, especially in stressful conditions.  Lawns can be tricky to keep vibrant and green, so if possible scatter seed from one of the hardy water-miser lawn types through your current lawn. Water in thoroughly and while our dry times make watering lawns with sprinklers and mains out of the question, if you have access to garden tank or bore water, keep the water up at least once a week if you can. Not only will you have a lovely cooling effect, you’ll also be able to boast undeniable street appeal and that’s a big sales plus.