4298_221116030732_255We live in a crazy mixed up world these days, and there is one absolute certainty that has come from this – stress is one of our major killers. We race from minute to minute, hour to hour trying to fit so much in. So much more is expected of us than it was of our forbears. At the end of every week I marvel at how quickly the time has gone, and how it feels like the week just began. And don’t get me started on the years flying by!

I have found myself lately wondering why this is so. Then I remember that each week at work I am flying from job to job, managing the team, putting out constant fires, trying to win new business, trying to make ends meet. As well as this I am making sure my daughter is organised for each school day, play dates, excursions, parties etc etc. Then of course there are family commitments and social functions which crop up in an ever-increasing frenzy towards the end of the year. Add to this a house to keep, meals to cook, groceries to buy … the list goes on and on.

But if there is one thing I absolutely love it’s getting out in nature. I am so blessed to live in an area where I can just step out of my front door and walk down bush tracks, head into State Forests and paddle into pristine creeks and rivers. And yes I do these things and yes I always, always feel better for it.  Getting out and enjoying country life and the beauty of nature truly will melt your stress away.

One of the things I like doing most is exploring our mountain tracks. After what is usually a rather steep walk or climb, admiring the native flora along the way, I sit up on the crest of a mountain and overlook a beautiful scene or town below. It is just the best ever relaxing thing to do. I also love to photograph the beautiful plants and scenery along the way, another very relaxing thing to do, marvelling at how awesome Mother Nature really is.

What intuition has always led me to believe is being confirmed by scientists these days. Yes it seems it’s official, getting out in nature is amazing for your health. Even a 10 minute stroll outside is apparently enough. The combination of exercise and nature is even better. So next time you are feeling stressed to the max, go for a walk or run out in nature. Stop and smell the roses so to speak, (or the wildflowers for that matter). I always feel so much better after doing this, no matter what my worries are. Nature’s anti-depressant is in my opinion totally amazing and I urge you to try it.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Walk along a country lane, across a paddock, in your local park, in your garden or maybe go mountain climbing
  2. Grow a vege/ornamental garden, it’s very therapeutic – just pottering around, drinking tea, a beer, pulling out a few weeds
  3. Take your shoes off and paddle in a nearby creek, river or dam, just sit by the water and just reflect
  4. Get off that damn treadmill and run outdoors in the fresh air; in a nearby park, State Forest or along a country road
  5. Take a leaf from my daughter’s book & collect feathers, pretty rocks & interesting sticks
  6. Take up art and paint your collection of treasures, the scene you are sitting in, the landscape
  7. Take up mountain bike riding in nature, lots of groups do this together & it’s great exercise
  8. Join a horse riding group. Our area has a couple of different groups who ride together
  9. Take up nature photography. Mother Nature truly is amazing and even better in macro
  10. Pack up & go camping (or glamping if required), we have so many wonderful spots to do this.

Trust me – getting out and enjoying country life and the beauty of nature will melt your stress away.


Denise Haynes and The R & R Property Team are Tree Change Specialists living and working within the beautiful Stroud Valley. Stroud is located around an approximate 2.5 hour drive from Sydney. R and R Property specialise in assisting their customers make the move to a happier and healthier life in the country. You can grab your FREE Tree change Guide at www.randrproperty.com.au

This is general informative news and not medical advice. Please consult your Doctor or practitioner for all Medical and health issues.

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