4298_251115013226_336It seems like only yesterday we were writing to invite you to participate in our annual R & R Property Giving Tree event. Time flies by so fast and each year we are called upon to assist an increasing number of people enduring economic and social hardship. This past year has brought not only many joys but also its fair share of challenges.
The Giving Tree has always been aimed at assisting children who otherwise may not receive presents at Christmas time. It is always sobering to think that some children don’t receive presents due to their families’ circumstances. At the moment it is a very tough time financially for many families and there is always added pressure over the Christmas period.

This year our greatest test came in the form of April’s storm, which wreaked havoc across the Hunter and our community in particular. I don’t need to remind you of the three precious lives lost in Dungog, but what you may not know is that 87 families lost everything. It’s been a long and difficult road for many who have struggled to replace furniture and belongings. For them, the upcoming Christmas season will be anything but festive.
With this in mind we are seeking to expand our Giving Tree event. Previously we have asked that a gift be left under the tree in R & R’s office. This year, not only are we grateful to receive individual gifts, we are also seeking contributions for Christmas kits; packages containing decorations and perhaps a small Christmas tree that will be distributed to people for whom the budget simply doesn’t stretch that far.
The Stroud and Dungog community is known for its generosity – for pulling together when times are hard.

Your previous support has been overwhelming and we again call on you to open your hearts and make Christmas 2015 a happy one for those less fortunate.

Thank you

Denise & The R & R Team