One of the Many Benefits of Living Country

If the affordability that country living offers is a positive, then the improved health benefits of living in the country will have your heart singing.  Without the over-stimulation that comes with fast-paced urban living, your brain functions differently. Two key areas, those that regulate emotion and anxiety are effectively given a break. Fresh country air and a slower pace of life literally melts stress away and your mind and body have a chance to re-calibrate and function on a more even keel. 

Then there are the physical health benefits. There’s a wealth of research suggesting that living near busy urban roads contributes to damage to the heart and lungs from the tiny particles emitted by cars and other vehicles.  With far less traffic and therefore less air pollution, country air is cleaner and therefore healthier. An interesting study by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health found that from the 6,500 UK residents aged 45-68, those living in the country had a slower cognitive decline than their urban counterparts! And with far more open space, there are more opportunities to get out and walk the dog farther and longer surrounded by greenery instead of concrete. Your dog will love you for it and think of the fitness benefits to yourself!  

We’re regularly reading about the health risks from chemicals. Fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products are all treated with pesticides and other chemical nasties. Country living, with larger blocks offer the perfect opportunity to ditch the chemicals and grow your own vegetables (why not go organic?) or buy direct from the numerous Farm Gate stalls or local Farmer’s Markets.  You’ll not only be buying clean, healthy fruit and vegetables, you’ll be supporting local farmers and local economies.     

And of course, there’s the community spirit that smaller regional communities are famous for. While there’s often the notion that living in a small community means that everyone not only knows everyone, but everyone’s business, it also means that people are far more likely to know when someone is in trouble, whether financially, medically or otherwise, and are quick to offer their help. That ‘country hospitality’ is not a myth, it’s very much alive and well. It’s front and centre, especially in times of natural disasters and it’s invaluable in contributing to the wellbeing of both yourself and your family.