4298_141016061701_943In today’s society you begin to wonder at how much the world has changed in such a short space of time. The big brand Supermarkets are non-stop shops where you can purchase everything you may need in one hit. Crikey you can even buy a tent at Aldi???? Small produce businesses have over time closed down in the cities and suburbs as they can’t compete with the buying power of the big brands. As these small businesses have disappeared the service in the large supermarkets have become pretty much non-existent. You are now encouraged to self-serve, with barely any check-out stations with staff open. I pointedly never take the self-serve option, willing to wait patiently, as I feel in my small stance I am at least delaying someone from losing their job.
I get the general feeling that the small business operator is making a comeback though with outlets providing fresh fruit & veg along with locally handmade products popping up again.
A slow but steady surge of people are starting to think about and action growing their own fruit and vegetables. Some even going so far as to try to be, at least in some small part self-sufficient. Little farm gate produce stalls are popping up along country roadsides, permaculture classes are booked out in advance and Facebook pages are filled with tips and hints on natural remedies and recipes.
It’s as if we are just so over the plastic tasting food, the hidden toxic ingredients, and general feeling of ill health that we are coming back around in a full cycle to the beginnings of time. The Paleo diet being nicknamed “The Caveman Diet” being one example of this. Also the organic fruit and vegetable enthusiasts (once thought to be a bit peculiar) are gathering an ever increasing following.
Personally it scares me not being certain what I am unknowingly feeding my child. Someone pointed out to me just the other day that there are at least 7 different names for sugar which can be included in an ingredient list on the back of packaged food products. It’s all become so hard to decipher that you find yourself making things from scratch so you know exactly what ingredients are in the food you are feeding your family.
And I do wonder how many children of today know where butt nuggets (country slang for eggs), meat, milk etc really do come from?  Do we need to get back to nature more before it all implodes?
In the rolling green hills of Stroud where I live and work we have a lovely little farm gate roadside stall where you can purchase fresh organic fruit and vegetables out of “Bernie the Caravan”. You can see where some of the produce is being grown around the home and “Bernie” on a lovely little 1 acre plot. Other produce comes from the local farmers. I have discovered not to get there late though as it’s always sold out fast!
Also from this property you can complete Permaculture (a natural gardening technique) classes but you do have to get in early as they are always booked out quickly. The general movement I have been speaking about in this article is a wave of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they are moving from the cities and suburbs to our little rural piece of paradise for a healthier and happier life. Their children can run free and just be kids, learn the ways of life on the farm (or hobby farm as it may be) and hopefully be healthier and happier for it. There are no traffic jams which means even if you do have to travel further to get to work you would be home earlier to spend more time with your children. And instead of spending time in gridlock your drive home takes in beautiful rural landscapes to enjoy.
And as for those who have already made this tree change? Their regrets if any, I ask? That they didn’t do it sooner is always the reply.
Denise Haynes and The R & R Property Team are Tree Change Specialists living and working within the beautiful Stroud Valley, approximately 2.5 hours from Sydney. They specialise in assisting their customers make the move to a happier and healthier life in the country. You can grab your FREE Tree change Guide at https://www.randrproperty.com.au