4298_020317123620_438At R & R Property, through our extensive research, we know that the majority of our buyers are tree changers (clients leaving the city or highly suburban areas to move to the country) and where they are coming from. As a group, we generally know their habits, their dreams and their concerns.

What we are finding though is that they have an ideal property style in their mind and we know that what we have with a little razzle dazzle could be what they’re looking for. But, the trouble is they can’t see this. They can’t see past the privet lined creek bank, the farm rubbish lying around the paddock, the falling down old dairy. You – the seller, need to make it easier for them!

So what we suggest to our sellers who may be receiving inspections, but their property keeps getting rejected is to look at it from a city persons point of view.

Does your property appeal? Is it magazine worthy?

Buyers today expect a well presented home in a certain style and the surrounding land to match. They would like to be able to envisage their stylish furniture in what could possibly be their dream lifestyle property. They are watching programs such as Escape to the Country on the Lifestyle channel and dream gardens on ABC.

What your tree changers are reading is magazines like Hunter Lifestyle, Australian Country Style, Australian Country etc etc.

Look at your property with fresh eyes: Does it fit the ideal?

These magazines present beautiful images of homes where the furniture suits the home; a bit country but clean and modern. The front of the home is welcoming, tidy and stylish. Possibly a picket fence, which is painted, a gorgeous old style fancy gate, an attractive feature front door and a neat and tidy pathway leading up to it.

Gardens need to be relatively low maintenance but stylish and set the home off like a piece of quality jewellery makes an outfit. Do you have carefully placed attractive tables and chairs for morning coffee, afternoon bubbles, bickies and cheese? Or for that matter an alfresco dining area? Don’t forget a verandah space is really just another room and should be tastefully decorated accordingly.

The paddocks should be slashed and park like if possible, with no rubbish or old building materials, dead tractors or cars etc lying around. If there is shedding or stables it needs to be well maintained and attractive, setting off the home and paddocks. If you have a river, creek or dam on your property, is it clear of weed such as privet? Is it easily accessible? They want to see it and be able to get to it without effort. Let them imagine them taking their little children or grandchildren down there for a paddle.  A cute little moored boat on a large dam also does wonders for eye candy appeal!

The interior preferably should be freshly painted in light colours, with plenty of natural light coming into each room through either doors, windows or skylights. Under foot, usually timber floorboards or natural style flooring like bamboo or floating timber style floorboards is ideal. A minimal amount of attractive pieces of furniture, décor and artwork placed throughout. No clutter.

All prospective buyers say they can see past mess and clutter – this is not the case. So make it easy and you’ll have far more chance of selling to this target group of buyers. These buyers are usually cashed up after a sale or living in an area where their current home could possibly sell within a week of hitting the market.

Quick Checklist

  • Front gate attractive
  • Front fence freshly painted and attractive
  • Pathways clear and neat and preferably attractive
  • Gardens attractive but low maintenance, suit your home
  • Front door, great pop of colour, attractive fittings
  • Exterior paintwork in neutral colour and neat & well maintained
  • Interior, clean, clutter free, light and airy, smells good.
  • Shedding, useful and attractive, especially if it is stables
  • Paddocks, slashed, rubbish free, fencing in good repair
  • Creeks, river, dam attractive and easy access.


If you are struggling to do any of the above yourself or are not sure if your home fits this description please let the team at R & R Property know. We can provide you with free feedback, helpful hints and tips. We can also provide trade references to local builders and handyman services etc.

R & R Property assist their clients with a regular Hints and Tips Service on their Facebook Page – R and R Property, and also hold regular Radio Segments with Great Lakes FM (101.5 FM) on Friday afternoons at 5.15pm and twice on Bucketts Radio Gloucester (104.1 FM) at 8am & 9am on Saturdays.

The bottom line is that you are less likely to receive low offers on a home and property that is well presented and ultimately meets the dream.

The old tag line of – “Move in – Nothing To Do” has been used for years for good reason.


Denise Haynes and the R & R Property Team have offices located in both Stroud and Bulahdelah but cover a large area surrounding them, including Gloucester and Karuah. They are your Tree Change Specialists and love assisting others to make the move from city to country. The team are a combination of lifetime locals and tree changers so their vast experience and knowledge is your asset. You’ll find their free Real Estate advice on their Website, Podcasts and Facebook – “Hints and Tips”.


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