Is it time to move to the country?

City life is great. After all, the city is where the action is. It’s where the hustle and bustle, and the bright lights and big sounds are found. Moving to the city and being in the centre of all that is a dream for many people.

But, what about when all that hustle and bustle starts to wear thin? What happens when the light and sound and action get a bit too much and you start craving a simpler, more balanced, more natural life?

If you are asking yourself these questions — and many people are — it could be time to consider a move to the country. Of course, this is a big decision, and there are lots of things to consider. Here are some factors that might make a move to the country the right one for you.

Shifting working practices, shifting opportunities

One of the most attractive features of inner-city living is the thriving jobs market — or at least it was. Today’s job market is a little different. Remote working opportunities are giving Australia’s workforce freedoms they never considered possible.

If you have already spent many years living in the city and already have a wealth of important connections, you might find that remote work makes moving to the country an easy step, with no reduction in earnings whatsoever.

Make your money go further

You could find yourself enjoying the best of both worlds when living in the country. Thanks to the remote working opportunities discussed above, you may still find yourself earning the same wage you always did in the big city. What’s more, you could also find your money going further.

Property prices tend to be a little less intimidating out in the country. You may be able to purchase a sizeable chunk of land with the kind of money that would only have landed you a small apartment in downtown Sydney or Melbourne. What’s more, the cost of living is generally lower out in the country, so your quality of life could significantly increase.

Experience better psychological wellbeing

Taking a step away from the hustle and bustle of the city can do wonders for your general mood and outlook. Without the stress and noise of urban life, you may discover that you feel generally happier and more positive.

This is not true for everyone — many of us thrive off the clamour and excitement of the big city — but it’s certainly something worth considering.

Expand your world

While you may feel connected to the wider world, the reality of life in the city is that you become confined to only a few square kilometres. Travelling outside of that limited area becomes tricky, thanks to excess traffic and a public transport network geared to bringing people into the city.

Quiet roads and wide-open spaces will help your world to grow. And, you will suddenly have more opportunity to explore this land we all call home right from your front door.

In conclusion: Weigh up your options

Moving house is always a very personal choice, especially when the move involves uprooting yourself from city life. Consider your options carefully. Now might just be a great time to consider moving out to the country…


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