4298_091115044857_215R & R Property in Stroud speak to potential purchasers every day who are confused over the building laws in our area.

The Stroud Valley sits within the Council of Great Lakes. With our 2014 LEP, to be able to build on a rural zoned block you must have a minimum land holding of approximately 40 hectares. Of course with any building exercise you must submit and have approved a Development Application (DA).

This also means that if you have approximately 40 hectares or 50 hectares, just as an example you can not subdivide as this would be relatively pointless due to you being unable to build on one or possibly either parcel once divided.

There are, as always exceptions to the rules. If you have a block which is below the minimum of approximately 40 hectares but you have a letter from Great Lakes Council which states that the property has an “Existing Building Entitlement” then in this instance you are able to build. This parcel of land has been granted a building entitlement prior to the law of mimumum 40 hectares changing. Again though you must still have a DA approved for whatever type of building you are seeking to erect.

Therefore it is always wise to check the zoning and build status on any parcel of rural land you are enquiring on.

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Click here to see Great Lakes Council 2014 LEP: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nsw/num_epi/gllep20142014176315.pdf

Denise Haynes

R & R Property

Licensed Real Estate and Stock and Station Agent, Stroud NSW


** Disclaimer **

This information is provided as a guide only and as always we recommend that you make your own enquiries with Great Lakes Council or any other governing bodies involved.