4298_251116111651_608In our lifestyle town the pace is pretty calm. The most noise we usually have is an out of whack rooster crowing in the middle of the day. Not too many exciting and dramatic moments happen unless they are planned events. The noisiest time would be our annual Cracker Night!

In the cluster of shops, deemed as the main street hub, people come and go about their daily errands and business. Working dogs bark from the back of utes, usually from the excitement of being on a journey to the big smoke of the main street, or at their fluffy relatives prancing by on leads. The café or the local watering hole are the two busiest places to be, depending on whether you fancy a coffee or a beer.

Yes it’s true the pace is relatively slower in the country! We are much happier and healthier for it, according to the relatively smart people announcing it on TVs all over the world. I don’t know about that, I get pretty stressed when it takes me a second trip around the block to find my free park, but maybe I’m just spoilt – much!

What does amaze me in our little piece of paradise is the “Seat of Knowledge” (SOK)! The seat of knowledge is a park bench style seat located within the main street where certain locals sit for a daily catch-up, sometimes working in shifts. I think a fair bit of people-watching goes on, as well as a lot of discussion, and sometimes outright heated debate! I’m telling you, not a trick goes by its occupants and what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing. So if one requires some information about pretty much any topic, one just tootles along to this amazing seat – it’s like a live Google point specifically for our little town!

The amount of history about the town you can learn whilst speaking to its occupants can keep you enraptured for hours if you have the time to spare. Who’s related to whom and not to mention who’s up to no good can also be found out here, along with a fair dose of speculation. But seriously, it certainly can be a trip down memory lane and they love to share this information.

Here are 7 things you could find out at The Seat of Knowledge:

·        The town history

·        Who your relatives are

·        General directions & advice

·        Events & happenings for future and past

·        The occupants of the SOK’s life history stories

·        Who owns what property/house/business

·        Recommendations on who you can trust & who you can’t & why!

I think every small town has a seat of knowledge, an unofficial meeting site for general catch-ups and company. I think it’s great, much better than people sitting at home, possibly alone.

So next time you’re in a country town, if you need to get some directions or find out some general history or who’s who, you’ll know what to look out for. The same goes if you’re new to the area and you want to meet some folk. You’ll be sure to find out what you need or be pointed in the right direction and you never know – you might just make some lifelong friends as well!

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