4298_261016043220_247Spring is well and truly here!
For those on the land it can be a time for certain jobs to be ticked off the agenda.

In Spring the abundance of ground coverage means farms are usually looking picture-perfect, but this may also mean there is an overload of feed available to livestock. Keep an eye on them as this lush green feed is very tempting and can lead to them getting a condition called bloat. (Not quite the same as eating too many donuts but similar!) This is a potentially life-threatening condition which arises from them having way too much green food available. You may have to put them on a diet in a less abundant paddock for a spell.

Delightfully, spring is also that time of year when babies in the animal world are being born. There are lots of new-born calves afoot which are super cute. Keep watch on your Mumma cows around calving time though, especially if they are first-timers, just in case they have trouble. Call a vet to assist if required. When the calves are born the protective cows tend to hide their new-borns away from the world. So when doing a head count you may have to do a bit more of a search, as they can hide them surprisingly well amongst long grasses and shrubbery.

Although cattle are instinctively protective of their young, be on the lookout for any wild dog activity as they will prey on the easy target calves. Cattle are amazing though – if there is trouble a-foot you could see them all come together to form a protective barrier around their young. They will also sound out a threatening war cry at the offending attackers.

This time of year is also vaccination and drenching time. Vaccination prevents disease and drenching keeps away pests and worms. Make sure all your animals’ vaccinations are up to date. Ticks are usually about at this time of year, so visually monitor your animals and drench if required.

Please see below for a helpful link to the Dept. of Primary Industry’s fact sheets and information:www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

PLEASE NOTE: This is a general guide only and is not intended to be used without further research and investigation by property owners with the relative departments.

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