Fabulous Forster

Forster, one of our most beautiful towns, located in one of our most beautiful parts of New South Wales – if not Australia – deserves highlighting and so, this lovely spot is the subject of this week’s blog.  With its Mid-North Coast location, Forster enjoys a wonderfully temperate climate all the year round.  And being only some 300kms from Sydney, Forster is both an ideal weekend/holiday destination and permanent living haven.

What I particularly like about Forster and its smaller twin-town Tuncurry is that it has something for everyone.  That might sound like a statement made with a broad brushstroke, Forster boasts outstanding infrastructure including a wealth of shops, cafes and restaurants of every variety, essential and emergency services including doctors, dentists and hospitals, sporting facilities of all kinds and excellent transport north and south.  Add to that, stunning lakes, white, sandy beaches, rolling surf breaks; the renowned Bicentennial trail, Cape Hawke and Booti Booti National Park and of course the incomparable Manning Valley and my ‘something for everyone’ statement is hard to deny.

The past few months have seen all Australians living a very unfamiliar experience.  ‘Pandemic’ and ‘lockdown’ are terms we’re not used to, let alone dominating our everyday lives.  While the early days of our ‘new world’ caused us enormous anxiety about home, work, finances, freedoms we take for granted.….what has appeared as an interesting ‘silver lining’ is that towns like Forster have emerged as ‘go to’ places to live out lockdown in a more appealing environment.  Weekend and B&B accommodation venues, closed to paying guests, have not been consigned to emptiness for months on end.  Instead, urban-dwelling owners have taken up residence electing to live out lockdown in a less crowded environment, with clean air, less traffic congestion and the glorious beaches to walk and exercise on – social distancing intact.  Additionally, working from home is now a real and accepted activity, further encouraging urban-dwellers to take up Forster living on a permanent basis; having only to endure irregular pilgrimages to the city office.

Since we’ve adapted to life in lockdown, I’ve been receiving daily approaches from city-dwellers seeking Forster properties to be enjoyed as a weekend/holiday retreat and a permanent sanctuary.  I’m also seeing an increase in demand for the purchase of potential B&B accommodation venues, no doubt to capitalise on the supply/demand imbalance as current venues are now taken over permanently by their owners.  B&B’s offer fantastic weekend/holiday income streams – and a bolt hole – should pandemics become a recurring theme in our lives. 

Because R&R Property cover both rural and coastal properties, I am also experiencing city dwellers wanting to move to rural locations for their fresh country air and space. The offset of this sale is that the country sellers are expressing their desires of selling and completing a sea change adventure within the  Forster/Tuncurry region.

The belief that Forster living comes with a high-end price tag is a misbelief.  Affordability and diversity of properties are hallmark characteristics of Forster-Tuncurry with something for every budget. 

Forster-Tuncurry’s location, benefits and affordability for coastal and rural properties confirms its credentials as a delightful place to live.  I see bright days ahead for this gorgeous area and our Forster office at 64-68 Wharf St, is well placed to make your Mid-North Coast living dreams come true.