Eco & Money-Saving Initiatives that give you the Edge 

Our summers are getting hotter, longer and drier meaning increased stress on power and water resources – and our wallets – as we struggle to keep our homes cool and our gardens alive. Our collective footprint on our planet is getting heavier by the day and nature, by way of droughts, fires and floods is telling us she is not pleased.

But it’s not all doom and gloom because we have the power – and the means – to make a difference not only to help our planet and our daily finances but also the value of our properties. Over the past decade I’ve seen a significant increase in properties installing solar panels for power/hot water and in some instances hot water only. So too, I’m seeing more rainwater tanks appearing on properties that are connected to mains water. The benefits of having either or both are enormous and cannot be over-emphasised.

Living in a sunburnt country has the benefit of plenty of sunshine and installing clean, pure energy from the sun reduces our footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. Of course, you will save on power bills, leaving you more money in your pocket for other things. And that’s got to be appealing! There is an outlay but there are also wonderful rebates upon installation and as soon as your panels are approved and turned on, your money saving starts immediately. Buyers are discerning and solar panels; water tanks and other eco-friendly and money saving initiatives are viewed favourably. The absence of such initiatives isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for buyers, but properties that have them, do, as you say, have ‘edge’ and that can sway a buyer comparing two fairly similar properties.  So, yes, give yourself an edge, and enjoy the benefits in the meantime.

We spend time, money and effort creating gardens we love. They give us so much joy and in our increasingly hot and dry climate they are becoming harder to keep alive. Installing water tanks is not only a prudent means of relieving pressure on mains water supplies, they provide an opportunity for property owners to water any time of the day or night, regardless of restrictions. Of course, in dry times, it may be necessary to purchase water from commercial carriers, but the cost not only outweighs the alternative, especially if selling your property is on the agenda. And tank water usage for gardens is significantly more cost effective than mains. Additional initiatives that allow for the diversion of grey water for garden use enhances garden prospects further. 

While I’m seeing more properties with solar and/or water tanks, so too am I seeking more buyers drawn to those initiatives and vendors are being rewarded with increased prices come sale time.