at R & R Property

Everyone’s felt the pinch at some time in their lives. I know I have! Whether it’s students struggling to juggle study with work to help pay the bills; older citizens struggling to make do on the pension; families struggling with rising education and general cost of living; there’s always someone who is doing it a little tough. And in small communities where everyone knows everyone, the misfortune of others is often painfully visible. I’ve lived in a small community my whole life. It’s a community I love with all my heart and it’s been very good to me. I want to see my community thrive and I’m committed to helping any way I can.

The Giving Tree is an increasingly popular way in which community members can anonymously help others. We’ve seen Giving Trees in various stores for decades, but the history of this community gesture is not widely known. The Giving Tree has its origins in the book of the same name. Written in 1964 by Shel Silverstein, the story is about a tree who happily gives what she can to a small boy. First she gives shade, then apples, then her branches and eventually her trunk so the boy can build a boat. And even when all she has left is her trunk, she is happy to provide a place for the boy, now an old man, to sit. This lovely story has a strong moral: that someone will always be there for you, even though you might feel you’re all alone. So, it’s easy to see why Giving Trees are appropriate way to promote help within a community.  

Since 2004 Denise Haynes has been organising a Giving Tree, and from 2009 onwards one has taken pride of position in her R&R Property office. Our chosen recipients are children 0 – 18 and between Nov 1 and December 15 people can place gifts under the tree. Around December 16, the gifts are handed over to the Dungog Community Centre who wrap them, place them in hampers along with other items and distribute them to those in the community whose financial struggles prevent them being able to provide gifts for their children. I invite members of our wonderful community to visit our office and place a gift under our Giving Tree. Gifts don’t have to be large. They don’t have to cost a lot. This really is a time when it’s the thought that counts. And the wonderful feeling that comes from giving; from knowing that you’ve brought a smile to someone’s face is surely what Christmas is all about.  


When:  November 1 – December 15 2019

Where: R&R Property Stroud Office 73 Cowper Street

What: A gift of your choice for a boy or girl 0-18. Please don’t wrap your gift. Dungog Community Centre staff need to know what all gifts are in order to know the appropriate age and gender of the recipient. They will happily wrap and deliver your gift.