A DIY Comeback in a COVID19 World

A wonderful relief from our all too grim news was a segment confirming the Covid-19 lockdown cloud has had some unexpected silver linings including an increase of an astonishing 67% for DIY and general home improvements. Being ‘stuck’ at home has many of us channeling our inner handyman – and woman. I’m not really surprised at this increase as a quick trip to Bunnings last week turned into a marathon outing as I drove around and around the car park searching for what turned out to be an elusive space before heading to the local hardware store. But this minor inconvenience tells a somewhat positive story – that segments of the economy are alive and kicking – and homeowners are ticking the boxes on what can be lengthy jobs ‘to do’ lists.

As the chaos of Covid-19 overtook our lives, many have asked my thoughts on just how this insidious virus might impact the Hunter/Mid-North Coast property market. While there’s no doubt that a softening is occurring; principally due to Agents’ inability to conduct open house events and public auctions. But with vendors still listing, buyers still buying and tenants still seeking rental accommodation, I am here to assure you R & R Property is open for business, conducting private and virtual inspections and offering an online bidding option. The market is definitely still ticking over. In the meantime, this is an exceptional opportunity to get your property in tip top shape, whether that be for your own enjoyment or as a precursor for a future sale. 

Such has been the demand for tradies, Bunnings has introduced a designated ‘tradie shopping time’ between 7am – 9am Monday – Friday and many other hardware stores have worked hard to replenish supplies as pro’s and DIYers use their time wisely and keep active in the process. Many jobs such as sanding, painting, minor construction projects can be done by the novice and I can attest to the satisfaction of doing it myself. But remember, for serious jobs like plumbing, electrical and major structural projects – or anything on the roof – please engage a professional, not only to be sure of the quality of the work, but for safety and insurance purposes.  And if it is a structural project, while it’s likely you’ll need Council approval, now is the perfect time to scope that out and submit your plans to Council.  Do it right and you’ll do it well! 

R&R Property have trusted tradespeople who contract to them so contact us for their details