4298_020117091514_552Well we are drawing to a close for another year, which always gives us fresh opportunity to get it right in the New Year. Let’s make this year your time to slap that SOLD sticker on your home enabling you to start the next chapter in your life, the one that you’re yearning for.

Here are 5 Effective ways to kick that goal sooner rather than later:

  • Have a spring clean; look at your home with fresh eyes or get a friend to visit and give you their opinion. (Just don’t shoot them down for it) Too much clutter within a home is stressful and unattractive. It may also make your home look smaller than it actually is. Have a garage sale or give away any quality items to a charity group or a neighbour who you know is struggling financially. You will realise once you start what a positive impact it has on both you and your home. Clutter does start to overwhelm us eventually so do it for yourself and your buyer. Besides it gives you a head start on packing for your next move.
  • A lick of paint in fresh neutral tones will give your home a face lift, both inside and out. Remember light colours give an impression of open, airy spaces which attracts buyers. Off whites, very light creams, and latté are great colours to use. And always paint ceilings white. The smell of paint gives the home a recently renovated & fresh smell as well, which buyers tend to like. It means they won’t have to do it themselves the minute they move in. If you can’t afford to paint maybe sugar soap the walls, sometimes this can be just as effective.
  • Replace stained or worn carpets and soft furnishings. Carpet really isn’t that expensive in the overall scheme of things and can rejuvenate a room straight away. If you have pets living inside you may not be able to smell their presence but visitors certainly can. The same goes if you’re a smoker. The smell seeps into soft furnishings and carpets which you become accustomed to but again your visitors can smell it straight away. If you can’t stretch the budget for new carpet & furnishings try having them steam cleaned or shampooed.
  • Consider having a professional stylist or a friend/relative whose home is modern & stylish give you some tips and advice. The correct furniture & décor can make a massive difference to a home’s presentation. You may think that buyers can see past old fashioned furniture but 99% of the time they just can’t, even when they say they can. As an agent I’ve seen it over and over again. Think about how popular the Lifestyle Channels Foxtel show ‘Selling Houses Australia’ is. I think we’re up to season 10 – enough said!!!
  • If your garden is unattractive or non-existent spend a weekend planting some low maintenance but structurally stylish plants in your yard. Paint the front fence, have a nice gate & mailbox. First impressions are timeless. The opposite applies here too though. If you have a large garden which really for someone who isn’t a gardener could be a challenge then you need to simplify. Chances are your non gardening buyers (who are the majority) will be intimidated by your lovely garden and not purchase thinking they just couldn’t possibly maintain it. Remember to plant according to what grows successfully in your area as well so that your garden looks healthy. The local nursery will be a wealth of knowledge for this information.

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