4298_041216105123_1865 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home:

As a real estate agent, I speak to many vendors with unreasonable expectations about their property and the sales process. The 5 beliefs below are common and can lead to frustration for the seller, prospective buyers, and the agent:

1. I NEED to get $xyz for my property because that’s how much the next property is that I want to purchase.

“Tell me something – does the following  scenario makes sense?”

Seller: I want $1 Million for my 1985 Hyundai

Agent: Um, but your Hyundai isn’t worth that much money in today’s market & we won’t get any buyers.

Seller: I don’t care; my next car is going to be a Ferrari and therefore I need to sell the Hyundai for that much so I can pay for the Ferrari.

This ridiculous scenario is a slightly exaggerated version of what you are saying to your agent when you are telling them that you NEED to get $xyz for your property. Listen to your agent, listen to the current market. A property is worth what people are willing to pay for it, not what you need to make.

2. I love my taste in furnishings and everyone else will too.

We all have our own unique style, however the more outlandish your tastes, the less attractive your property could be to buyers, who may be mentally calculating the costs to replace your green carpet, and repaint your orange walls. When it comes to selling your property, the more neutral your colour scheme, the better. Also look with fresh eyes at your décor and how much clutter you have. Too much will make your living space appear smaller and less attractive, and make it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves making your space their own.

3. This property is a home, not a show-piece!

Prospective buyers seeing your undies on the floor or your dirty dishes in the sink during inspections is not okay! Presentation is very important, and mess or uncleanliness can quickly turn buyers off. Remember how popular Selling Houses Australia is? It’s because good presentation works!

4. My property will sell straight away.

Well hopefully, but maybe not. The market is a fickle beast, and although we always hope for a quick sale it doesn’t always occur. So be prepared to be patient. If your property isn’t selling straight away have a frank and open discussion with your agent about why this could be, and be open to their suggestions.

5. I promise I’ll clean-up & remove all junk laying around the yard after the property is SOLD.

Do it now! Trust me when I say 99% of buyers can’t see past your rubbish. They will see it as their problem whilst inspecting your property. You don’t want the last memory of your property to be the rusty wheelbarrow, broken swing-set and piles of old wood in the corner of your yard.


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