During the bushfire season many aspects of living in a rural environment are out of our control, and for those who have already been devastatingly impacted R&R Property send their love and support. For those blessed enough to not have been directly impacted, there are some steps you can take to try to reduce the impact. I hope you find these 17 hints and tips useful.

  1. .Ensure your roof is solid; repair misplaced roof tiles and loose iron roofing. 
  2. Make sure your general home maintenance is up to date, including seals around doors and windows to eliminate gaps and don’t forget to put a clearly visible house/property number on your front gate so fire fighters can find your property. 
  3. Fit metal, not plastic fly screens to your doors and windows.
  4. Make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and other debris. 
  5. Keep your garden maintenance up to date, keeping lawns short, removing all dead trees, branches and leaf litter. 
  6. Make sure all outdoor garden taps have hoses and fittings in excellent condition and hoses that can reach around the house.
  7. If you have a pool, tank or dam, put a Static Water Supply sign on your front fence/gate. Contact your local Fire Station to let firefighters know where they can get water. Having a portable pump for your own use is also beneficial
  8. Install non-combustible fencing if possible.
  9. Store all superfluous items often left on verandahs and around the house.
  10. Relocate flammable items like woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, timber garden furniture.
  11. Clear a firebreak around your house and house garden if you’re on acreage.
  12. When viewing rural properties, I’m noticing an increase in the installation of roofline sprinkler systems. If this is something you’re thinking about, then steel systems are preferable because they withstand higher heat than the plastic ones.  
  13. Regularly check and update fire safety equipment whether that be fire blankets, pumps etc. If you have a generator, it’s vital to ensure it is tip top condition.
  14. Make sure your home and contents insurance is both adequate and up to date.
  15. Ensure you have a fire plan that includes your pets and animals.
  16. Obey all Total Fire Bans and listen to radio, SMS and tv messages and alerts. In my opinion the “Fires Near Me” app is helpful.
  17. Listen to radio broadcasts – and if the call comes to evacuate, do so at the earliest possible time.

 As we journey through a very distressing time with a large section of our region either under fire or the threat of fire, I take so much pride in the resilience of our rural communities. We band together to help each other. We assist in the fire-fighting effort, either directly or behind the lines, providing much needed support and assistance to those who are evacuated or worse – those who have lost loved-ones, their homes, livelihoods, pets and stock. 

While losing our homes is unfathomably devastating and distressing, homes and possessions can be replaced. But losing loved ones – well, that’s another matter. Communities need people. So, I urge everyone to be prepared. And stay safe.

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